18 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Evaluations are conducted on an ongoing basis.
Evaluations are conducted on an ongoing basis. For example, a monthly content gains and losses report
is disseminated, weeding evaluation is conducted as needed, and budget evaluations of collections are
conducted quite often.
Evaluations are done currently on an as-needed basis. A large part of our print collection evaluation has
been driven by our participation in the CIC SPR and relocating to a new offsite storage facility.
Every three years
For e-resources, at renewal time. For print collections, ad hoc.
FY basis +as needed
Irregularly and as needed
Irregularly and at different intervals for different collections
Irregularly on an as-needed basis
Monthly or as needed
On an ad hoc basis as subject liaisons see the need for evaluation. Examples would include reviewing
e-journals subscriptions for budgetary reasons or weeding the print collection for space concerns.
Ongoing, annually for reports, and as needed for projects
Quarterly for usage data ad hoc projects as required
Quarterly, annually, or project-specific timeline
Semi-annually or annually
Specific projects are completed about three times a year to evaluate parts of the collection.
Sporadically, based on departmental accreditation and library needs.
The evaluations are not conducted at regular intervals. We do monitor the annual statistics, but
typically, we will conduct an evaluation before a renewal.
The Libraries does an annual assessment of the collection. We also conduct a periodic “gap analysis”
and revise the “content strategy” based on the gap analysis. And, we conduct an annual serials review
to more pointedly focus our resources to the needs of the institution.
They are conducted on an ad hoc basis, as needed.
This is a difficult question, since evaluation takes place at various levels. Some is part of ongoing
selection, acquisition, and budgeting workflow. We monitor e-resource usage, track collection growth
and expenditures regularly and all of this entails a level of evaluation of the content. Deeper analysis of
holdings (e.g., with historical dimension) tends to be more project-based, i.e., less frequent/regular and
also more subject-specific.
Varies depending on the project and data needed
Varies, some are conducted annually and some are as needed.
Various parts every year and others on ad hoc basis
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