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School of Music accreditation review
1.G. Library and Learning Resources
Governance and Administration
The University of Georgia Libraries is an ARL member institution with a collection of over 4 million titles
and 5 million volumes which support the myriad of research and study conducted at one of the major
research universities in the southeast. In collections spending, the University of Georgia Libraries ranks
46 th out of 115 ARL libraries. Consistent support since FY10 as part of the University’s library collection
budget re-building project has resulted in a steady increase from 2009. The Library has strongly
supported and partnered with the School of Music by funding the acquisition and maintenance of music
materials in a variety of formats, providing comfortable and outstanding facilities, and providing a large
staff dedicated to the collection, acquisition, cataloging and circulation of music materials.
The University of Georgia Libraries maintains one of the most significant music collections in the
Southeast region. The music collections are comprised of two parts: the Music Research Collection of
print books, scores, and periodicals located in the Main Library on North Campus, and the Music Library,
a limited local resource collection and location of all music audio/visual materials except LP sound
recordings, located in the Hugh Hodgson School of Music. Both collections are under the general
supervision of the Head of Music Collections, who is a member of the Libraries faculty and the music
bibliographer responsible for all issues of collection management and operations.
Collections and Electronic Access
Materials for the music collections in the University of Georgia Library are selected to meet the needs of
general students, Music majors and the Music faculty. The acquisition policy for music materials is very
broad and allows for the purchase of all styles and types of music from the traditional classical
masterworks to representative examples of contemporary popular music styles and world music. The
policy also covers acquisition of the following print score formats: full scores, miniature scores, scores
with up to 9 parts, piano reductions of vocal and concerted works. A major exclusion in the policy
concerns the acquisition of multiple copies of choral works or full sets of performance parts for
orchestra or band. The choral, orchestra, and band departments acquire performance materials and
maintain individual libraries for their respective areas.
Acquisition of traditional print books is equally broad covering all the major aspects of music history and
performance, ethnomusicology, popular music history and criticism, music theory, music business,
computer applications in music, etc. Books with accompanying materials, audio/video or computer
software, are purchased on a regular basis and are housed in the Main Library. Music computer
software is acquired more selectively.
The Library currently maintains an approval book plan with Yankee Book Peddler (YBP), a score approval
plan with Theodore Front and a CD approval plan also with Theodore Front. Detailed profile parameters
have been established with these vendors so that books, scores and CDs which meet the collection
criteria are automatically shipped to the Library. In addition, the Librarian and the Music Library
Supervisor regularly review publisher catalogs for materials not received through approval plans to
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