19 SPEC Kit 352: Collection Assessment
Very infrequent, couple of times in the last 8 years
We annually review for preservation initiatives, including WEST and University of California Shared
Print, and our contributions to University of California’s Southern Regional Library Facility, and for
local space planning. On as as-needed basis, usually 5–7 times per year, we evaluate our collections for
proposed new graduate and undergraduate programs. As needed, usually 1–2 times per year, we provide
data for the re-accreditation of individual academic programs.
We have conducted different evaluations annually for at least the past four years.
4. Please describe the scope of the collection evaluations. N=67
All formats, all disciplines or subjects, including digital collections 34 51%
Selected formats in selected disciplines 13 19%
Selected formats in all disciplines 9 13%
All formats in all disciplines, excluding digital collections 3 5%
All formats in selected disciplines 3 5%
Other scope 5 8%
Please briefly describe the other scope. N=5
All formats, all disciplines or subjects, including digital collections are being conducted but not
yet formalized.
All subscribed resources, all formats, disciplines
Format-based without regard to disciplines at this time.
We have evaluated our collections on most of these levels at one time or another.
We plan to work with a vendor to better understand our physical collections in general so that we can
develop an assessment plan. At the same time we intend to create a process whereby we push data for
electronic resources out to our subject librarians for ongoing assessment.
5. What formats are usually included in collection reviews or evaluations at your library? Check all
that apply. N=67
Electronic or Online 67 100%
Print 65 97%
Physical audiovisual (LP’s, CD’s, VHS/DVD’s, etc.) 45 67%
Streaming audiovisual resources 45 67%
Other online resources for which the library has paid access 42 63%
Microform 38 57%
Other physical resources/materials (maps, archives, ephemera, slide sets, etc.) 31 46%
Other format 7 10%
Please specify the other format. N=7
All formats are included as needed in collection reviews and evaluations.
Government documents (as per Federal Depository standards) special collections manuscripts and
artifacts musical scores
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