20 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Online resources freely accessible, such as Hathi Trust
Special collections materials all formats
We most commonly include books and journals in both print and electronic format, but we have
surveyed the other formats occasionally.
We will start adding other formats such as streaming AV.
6. What collections are usually included in collection reviews or evaluations at your library? Check
all that apply. N=67
Monographs/monographic series 63 94%
Journals/Serials 66 99%
Demand-driven acquisitions, including “Discovery” 47 70%
Government documents 31 46%
Open Access resources (including OA journals, freely-available Web resources that are
included in library catalog or subject guides)
23 34%
Archives 23 34%
Digital repositories 21 31%
Other collection 13 19%
Please specify the other collection. N=13
Databases (2 responses)
Demand-driven acquisitions collections, e-books, databases
Emphasis is put on evaluating our own OA resources, and our physical and subscribed resources
against external OA collections.
Most evaluations are being conducted to address strategic space needs.
Special collections
Special collections, AV, micro collections
Use of archives and manuscripts is usually collected by our Archives and Special Collections. Use of our
digital repository is usually collected by the Scholarly Communications Office.
We try to evaluate everything, but it can also be project driven—what to go into storage, what to stop
subscribing to, trend lines of collection use, etc.
Within the above categories: non-English language materials, specific call number ranges, comparisons
with member libraries in consortium, off-site shelving—items fall in above categories but by virtue of
location have become a separate, functional collection.
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