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Programs and Services Fiscal Year 2014 (excerpts)
Programs and Services, FY2014
Services Project, and the US National Commission on
AIDS. She was also a member of the Global Commission
on AIDS of the World Health Organization.
The Library received a large donation of materials,
many in Russian, from the National Aeronautics Space
Administration (NASA). Many of the titles were included
in the SPACELINE subset of MEDLINE but not previously
held by NLM. (Between 1993-2005, information about
space life sciences was provided by NLM in conjunction
with the NASA SPACELINE Office as part of a
collaborative agreement). This gift has enriched the NLM
collection of works on space life sciences.
Significant acquisitions in the Archives and
Modern Manuscripts Program during FY2014 included the
electronic files of former Surgeon General Regina
Benjamin, the archival records from HealthNet
News/SatelLife, and 67 boxes of archival materials from
former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop’s family, which
will be added to the existing NLM Koop collection. The
Historical Audiovisuals program received a donation of 25
surgical training films produced by Davis &Geck of
Danbury, Connecticut. This donation complements and
expands our existing collection of Davis &Geck films.
Preservation and Collection Management
LO carries out a wide range of activities to preserve the
NLM collection and make it easily accessible for current
use. These activities include: binding, copying deteriorating
materials onto more permanent media, conservation of rare
and unique items, book repair, maintenance of appropriate
environmental and storage conditions, and disaster
prevention and response.
Collection Space and Maintenance
In FY2014, LO bound 14,516 volumes, repaired 685 items,
made 811 preservation copies of films and audiovisuals,
and conserved 583 items. A total of 363,277 items were
shelved, a 9 percent decrease from FY2013 that reflects the
decline in print material received at the Library and the
decline in interlibrary loan and in requests by patrons in the
Main Reading Room, due to increased availability of
electronic journals.
Work continued on the long term project to install
compact shelving on the B-2 level to increase storage
capacity for collections in the NLM building. The project
requires floor strengthening on the B-2 level and includes
the complete upgrade of the fire suppression system and
lighting for stack areas on the B-2 and B-3 levels, as well
as an upgrade of the older compact shelving on the B-3
level. New space was created for the Preservation and
Collection Management (PCM) Section staff, and future
plans call for new space for HMD staff on the B-1 and B-2
levels. At the end of 2014, the project is 60 percent
complete, providing collections growth space until 2022.
When the project is done, collections can grow until at least
National Cooperative Preservation
MedPrint is the National Network of Libraries of Medicine
(NN/LM) cooperative project to preserve key biomedical
journals in print until there is stronger evidence for the
reliability of digital preservation. The program is open to
all US libraries that participate in DOCLINE, the NLM
interlibrary loan (ILL) system that stores journal holdings
information for almost 2,500 libraries. Print retention
commitments are also stored in DOCLINE. By the end of
2014, NLM had 21 signed agreements from institutions
representing all eight regions. One hundred and one
libraries have recorded print retention commitments for
1,376 titles.
Digitization Program
The NLM Digital Collections repository now holds over
12,000 monographs and serials and over 150 films, with
newly digitized texts and films added regularly. NLM
Digital Collections also ingested the approximately 3.8
million citations from the IndexCat Web site, making the
contents of the Index Catalogue of the Surgeon General’s
Library more readily available. During the year, Digital
Collections was modified to support ingest of serial
publications, and the Web site was enhanced to provide a
hierarchical display of each serial’s digitized holdings.
The installation of CCS docWorks (dW) image
processing software was a major enhancement to LO’s
digitization program, providing a more efficient scanning
workflow, greater capabilities to crop and de-skew images,
and the ability to analyze the structure and content of the
digital surrogates resulting in enhanced structural metadata
files for the digital books.
Preservation and Collection Management and
History of Medicine staff completed digitization for several
projects including an important collection of World War I
1914-1922 monographs. Combined with the ongoing
digitization initiatives, including Medicine in the Americas
Phase 2, NLM Publications, and the Scan on Demand
program for interlibrary loan (ILL), a total of 2,284
volumes and 599,934 pages were digitized in FY2014.
PubMed Central (PMC), a digital archive of
medical and life sciences journal literature developed by
NCBI, is the NLM vehicle for ensuring permanent access
to electronic journals and digitized back files. LO assists
NCBI in soliciting participation of additional journals,
particularly in the fields of clinical medicine, health policy,
health services research, and public health. LO provides
support for the PMC efforts ranging from review of
potential journals for appropriateness for the NLM
collection to cataloging and authority data creation for the
PMC system. By the end of FY2014, 207 new journals had
been added to PMC, and 368,111 new articles had been
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