SPEC Kit 317: Special Collections Engagement · 99
If yes, what components are included in the document? Check all that apply. N=10
Instruction 9 90%
Events 8 80%
Exhibits 7 70%
Targeted user groups (e.g., undergraduates, graduates, etc.) 7 70%
Promotion (e.g., flyers, e-mails, bookmarks, posters, etc.) 5 50$
Distribution of outreach personnel responsibilities 4 40%
Assessment 3 30%
Other component 1 10%
Please describe the other component.
Use of space digital initiatives collection management &processing, training.
Engagement Barriers
41. Has special collections encountered any barriers in providing effective outreach to faculty,
students, and other scholars/researchers affiliated with your institution? N=76
Yes 51 67%
No 25 33%
If yes, please briefly describe the barrier and any efforts to overcome it.
Although we are fortunate to have two (terrific!) librarians for whom this is a primary responsibility, the labor-intensive
nature of outreach done well prevents us from doing as much as we would like.
Budget does not allow extended hours evenings and weekends in the various special collections’ reading rooms. Small
number of professional staff limits outreach efforts.
Challenge of overcoming information overload of potential uses. Lack of dedicated staff to coordinate outreach.
College-aged students are sometimes hard to reach because they don’t necessarily connect with traditional means
of advertising or promoting activities. Some people of all ages are somewhat beleaguered by the current economic
downturn and less inclined to come out for events. We all need additional financial resources to engage fully with those
we seek to reach. The lack of close, free, accessible parking is a huge problem for attracting audiences from beyond the
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