70 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
We can book classrooms and other spaces in buildings across campus or join classes in the spaces they are assigned.
This is done very occasionally but occasionally.
We have taken materials into university classrooms, to the Art Museum, to the Living Learning Center.
Additional Comments
Special Collections has no dedicated classroom/collaboration space within its security perimeter. The department can
schedule any of three library rooms for class sessions, and there are two conference rooms elsewhere in the library that
the department can (but seldom does) schedule for consultations.
We have use of the electronic classroom, group study rooms, and learning commons for activities, although it is not
designated for that purpose alone. We have access to university spaces such as the First Year Commons rooms for
activities, although they are not designated specifically for Special Collection.
We sometimes use a Libraries meeting room for classes, particularly when we show numerous materials from Special
Collections. For some classes, we will bring 10–20 items from Special Collections to the students’ regular classrooms.
24. Does the library keep track of how many classes use special collections materials during an
academic year? N=76
Yes 67 88%
No 9 12%
If yes, approximately how many classes used special collections materials during the 2008–2009
academic year? N=66
Undergraduate Classes N=61
Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev
3 146 30.12 25 29.32
Graduate Classes N=60
Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev
1 125 16.82 6.5 25.92
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