68 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
RBSC: Seminar Room capacity 21. Xwi7xwa Library: Seminar Room. Asian Library: Seminar Room.
Seminar room, class room, Donor room.
Seminars and classrooms in libraries.
Several classrooms where instruction &collaboration takes place, both with and without special collections materials.
Special Collections Classroom.
Special Collections has a dedicated classroom within our department.
Swaim Conference room on same floor as Archives and Special Collections.
The archives actually has a dedicated classroom of its own within its space plus a smaller seminar room that we use for
classes. For classes of more than 30 students (up to about 150) we use our reading room and shift researchers to the
seminar room if necessary.
The Beck Room is a small seminar room seating fewer than 20 where classes can be held and materials shared and
The Lemke room was designed for teaching and collaboration.
The Library has a multi-purpose room which is sometimes used for Special Collections instruction.
The name of the space is the Teaching Support Centre, which comprises two class rooms.
The previously mentioned activities room in the Libraries serves as our primary classroom venue, though there are
other instructional spaces in the Libraries also used for that purpose on occasion. There are also instances of Special
Collections materials being lent to faculty to use off-site in classroom settings. The Libraries’ Mann Activities Room is an
instructional space outfitted with technology and whiteboard space in which tables and chairs can be arranged in any
number of ways.
The Rare Book Room is our primary instruction space, although we plan to add more spaces during renovation.
The Special Collections division has a small meeting room/period room (the Clifford Case II Room) where bibliographic
instruction can be conducted for small groups. The library has a larger room (the Pane Room) on the first floor where
bibliographic instruction using the Web can be conducted.
There are three classrooms in the John Hay Library (Special Collections), all of them have wireless capability: 1) Bruhn
Room 204: There is no technology that is permanently installed in the room. Media Services can provide screens,
monitors, projectors, etc. The room has a capacity of 14. 2) Lownes Room 222: There is a screen and an electronic
project installed in the room. The screen is in the middle of the room and the projector can be configured to view
from either end of the room. In addition, speakers are installed. The library owns a laptop that can be used in this
room. Twenty-four people can sit around the tables or the room can be set up, lecture style, and it can accommodate
about 65 people in this configuration. 3) Bopp Room 315: The room has a screen, electronic projector, and cables
and connections are built in. There is a laptop in the room and the monitor has smart board capacity (three colors).
In addition, there is a document camera in the ceiling. There are also blackout curtains in this room. Tables can be
configured in several different arrangements.
There are three smart classrooms in the library that are available for instruction. These are used by all main library
faculty/staff providing instruction or training.
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