SPEC Kit 317: Special Collections Engagement  ·  87
33. Who has primary responsibility for coordinating engagement with faculty/scholars/researchers to
use its collections in their research projects? N=72
One individual has primary responsibility 10 14%
One individual leads a team of staff 6 8%
All (or most) special collections staff share this responsibility 29 40%
Varies, depending on the discipline 27 38%
If you answered “one individual has primary responsibility” or “leads a team of staff,” please give
the position title of that individual.
One individual has primary responsibility
Associate Special Collections Librarian
Coordinator of Research Services
Coordinator, Special Collections
Department Head-Archives and Records Management
Head of Special Collections
Head, Archives and Special Collections
Head, Rare Books and Special Collections
Special Collections and Archives Public Services Librarian
Special Collections Librarian
Special Collections Reference & Instruction Librarian (2 positions with this title)
One individual leads a team of staff
Curator of special collections
Department Head
Head of Special Collections & Archives
Head, ASC (primary responsibility) other staff all contribute as they can
Head, Special Collections Research Center
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