46 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
The Lownes Room, one of the main rooms in the special collections library is frequently used for lectures and Friends of
the Library events. We also use the Bruhn, and Bopp Rooms for exhibitions of Library materials on tables with curators
talking about them for events such as Parents Weekend. The John Hay Lobby is used for small receptions.
The primary space is the Rosenwald Library which seats approximately 100 comfortably. (Note this is temporary
seating.) We are able to have panel discussions, include a/v and Internet connectivity. We have an adjacent room for
The Russell Library has an auditorium with an LCD projector and Internet access that seats about 75–80 people
in unfixed chairs. The other departments don’t have a designated area and use other spaces on campus such as
classrooms and auditoriums for their events.
The space is named the Teaching Support Centre comprising two classrooms which can be cleared of desks to hold an
The Thomas J. Dodd Research Center has three rooms that can be used for programming. Konover Auditorium seats 185
and is fully equipped with AV equipment and streaming capabilities. The Public Lounge can accommodate small dinners
or receptions. Conference Room 162 has seats as a meeting space or a small lecture/classroom for 20–40 people.
There are a number of event spaces within the main library, the primary one being the same size as the reading room
but on the floor directly below.
There are two designated venues for events within the Libraries: one is an auditorium that seats about 150 people the
other is an activities room used for a wide variety of events, including talks and presentations. It seats about 75 people.
There is a reading room other than the Special Collections reading room that is used for events.
There is an auditorium in the main library that is available for library events. There are also additional meeting rooms
and lounges that can be reserved.
Thomas Cooper Library, Mezzanine Gallery Thomas Cooper Library, Mezzanine Study area.
We have a classroom which we share with the adjacent map collection (we are the custodians and by far the heavier
We have a dedicated Special Collections Classroom that is very appropriate and convenient for these events.
We have a lecture hall that can hold up to 100 people, theater-style.
We have a room used for class visits, lectures, and other events. It has a long conference table that seats thirty-five
individuals, and additional chairs are moved in for larger events. We can comfortably accommodate a maximum of
eighty people in this area.
We have a small meeting room off the main reading room where we hold classes and do our archival literacy sessions.
The room is also used to host the initial orientation segments of group tours. It has in the past also been used to host
small receptions.
We have hosted events in the study space/lounge adjacent to special collections as well in the coffee shop lounge
adjacent to the main lobby.
We try to avoid hosting events in the reading room. We use the atrium in front of the reading room or other lecture-
suitable spaces within the library.
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