SPEC Kit 317: Special Collections Engagement · 89
This has generally been divided between the Head of Special Collections and the University Archivist, depending on
discipline or past interactions with particular faculty members.
This, too, reflects the decentralized nature and number of special collections programs at this institution.
Varies on project archivists and librarians with specified knowledge work with researchers as is subject/discipline
Additional Comments
Both of our Library Technician III staff members as well as other members of Archives and Special Collections
participate, as needed.
Each curator and subject specialist engages scholars and researchers in various ways depending on the collections, the
discipline, the resources that are available, and the degree of interest on the part of the faculty.
While all special collections staff play a role in encouraging faculty engagement, this is a greater percentage in some
jobs over others.
Engaging Faculty and Scholars/Researchers: Promotion and Evaluation
34. What methods has special collections used to promote use of collections by faculty/scholars/
researchers for their research purposes? Check all methods that have been used. Check up to three
that have been most successful. N=71
Method Used
Most Successful
One-on-one contact 68 52
Promotion on library/university Web pages 58 16
Library newsletter (print or electronic) 43 8
Press releases 38 12
Campus newsletter 33 4
Posters, flyers, bookmarks, etc. 31 3
Blogs 23
Direct mail 22 7
Listserv/group e-mail 22 9
Social networking sites 12 2
Advertising in scholarly journals 7
Other method 16 11
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