SPEC Kit 317: Special Collections Engagement · 59
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Little evaluation has been done.
Many of Special Collections’ events are used as development opportunities resulting in monetary gifts or gifts in kind.
Performance evaluations of staff overseeing graduate students engaged in events reflect the level to which students and
others utilize special collections materials in their scholarship.
Mostly one on one feedback no formal evaluation.
No formal assessment has been conducted.
No formal evaluation has been carried out.
No formal measures currently.
No formal measures, see previous response regarding exhibitions.
No formal tool. Collection of anecdotes.
No particular measures have been used.
None. (6 responses)
None at this time for reasons stated previously.
None formally or systematically.
None to date.
None, other than word-of-mouth.
None. Anecdotal feedback only.
Not formalized.
Nothing formal.
Number of attendees, publicity received, repeat attendees, etc.
Number of attendees. Individual reactions from attendees.
Number of visitors, media contact numbers, invitations to partner with other units.
Numbers attending lectures and events.
On-site surveys.
One-on-one feedback from participants. Keeping track of e-mail, research requests that reference the event. This
can be a slow return. You never know how long it might take a potential researcher to make the decision to visit us.
Development of networks and connections with future donors.
Personal comments responses from affiliates (i.e., the Alumni Association.)
Statistical attendance counts, identify various affiliations and are relevant for year-to-year and event to event
Surveys. One-on-one contact.
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