88 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
If you answered “Varies, depending on the discipline” please explain.
Academic staff within University Archives, Canadian Architectural Archives, Military Museums Library and Archives, and
Special Collections, as well as academic staff outside these units, engage researchers depending on their collections or
subject responsibilities as well as their own research interests.
Again, the relevant curator reached out to researchers within their area when possible. Curators have limited time to
promote our research collections. Normally interested researchers approach us.
Both special collections librarians coordinate these activities.
Curators and subject specialist coordinate orientations according to their area of expertise.
Curators of different special collections target faculty in different disciplines.
Curators share duties.
Depends on the specific unit within the Special Collections Division.
Duties and management typically would fall to a position that has been vacant for a year. Other staff members have
accepted responsibilities, with staff working with departments where they often have pre-established contacts.
Head, Archives &Rare Books Library and University Archivist Director, Winkler Center.
Management-level staff share responsibility.
Our special collections are housed in several units and each is responsible for coordinating engagement with faculty/
scholars/researchers to use its collections in their research projects. Within each unit, however, there tends to be one
or two people with primary responsibility. At University Archives, for example, the Director coordinates engagement for
many of its collections, but in particular the Oral Historian works closely with groups on and off campus concerning oral
Potential users are contacted at professional meetings.
Responsibility varies with the subject matter, as one primary vehicle for dissemination is the bibliographers, but other
staff, such as library directors, also take initiative for faculty engagement.
Subject Specialist Librarians are being encouraged to deepen their interest in Special Collections. Archivists work directly
with Special collections. Archivists work closely with faculties as well.
The curator of a particular collection does the coordination.
The curatorial staff have responsibilities divided by time period. They each take responsibility for contacting faculty
about collections that might be of interest to them or their classes.
The liaison librarians to the departments to which faculty belong are most likely to be responsible for such engagement.
The person responsible depends on the collection, subject area, or type of material.
The staff member with the relevant subject expertise is the one who engages the faculty member.
This activity is dependent on the unique materials held in our respective custodial units, though our Processing
Coordinator is actively involved in encouraging faculty to use primary sources in their instruction.
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