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Engage students through the Undergraduate Creative Arts &Research Experience (UCARE) program in helping develop
aspects of Nebraska U: A Collaborative History of the University.
We have engaged in all of these activities at least occasionally over, say, the last four or five years. “Stock in trade”
is working with faculty to develop assignments that have a strong element that requires use of Special Collections
We use an “embedded faculty member” from the Department of English who acts on our behalf in drumming up
interest in our collections.
22. Who has primary responsibility for coordinating curricular engagement with the collections? N=74
One individual has primary responsibility 11 15%
One individual leads a team of staff 11 15%
All (or most) special collections staff share this responsibility 23 31%
Varies, depending on the research project 29 39%
If you answered “one individual has primary responsibility” or “leads a team of staff,” please give
the position title of that individual.
One individual has primary responsibility
Associate Special Collections Librarian
Curator of Rare Books and Manuscripts, Assistant Director for Collections (note: Cornell special collections does not
have an “outreach” or “instruction” librarian)
Head of Special Collections
Head, Archives &Rare Books and University Archivist Director -Winkler Center. There are two primary units. It depends
upon which unit is appropriate.
Head, Archives and Special Collections
Instruction Librarian
Public Services and Outreach Librarian for Special Collections
Research Services Specialist
Special Collections Librarian
Special Collections Library Technician III
Special Collections Reference &Instruction Librarian (2 positions with this title)
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