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Engagement Policy
40. Does special collections have a formal (written) plan or policy document that addresses activities
that are intended to engage faculty, students, and other affiliated scholars/researchers in the use
of its unique collections? N=76
Yes 10 13%
No 66 87%
Answered Yes
Documents include the university academic and research plans, the business plan of Libraries and Cultural Resources,
and the reports of 2009 planning teams that included the Research Support and Learning Services teams. This planning
will inform the implementation of services in a new and innovative building, the Taylor Family Digital Library, as well as
being a foundation for Libraries and Cultural Resources reorganization.
One of the three departments has a formal written policy and another department incorporates outreach parameters in
its mission statement.
Our annual strategic plan for Special Collections does include elements relevant to collection access and use, exhibitions
Our mission statement.
The Library’s 5-year Strategic Initiatives and the Special Collections Annual Goals documents touch on plans for targeted
outreach and engagement. There are no formal policy documents specifically addressing this topic in detail, however.
We welcome users of our collections regardless of affiliation. Access to Memorial Library, in particular, requires a photo
ID with current address. Our Web pages may be seen as serving the function of a policy document.
Answered No
But we probably should. We have a tiny staff!
In progress.
The mission of Special Collections is to make its collections accessible to promote their use, especially in support of the
teaching, research, and service missions of the university and to preserve the collections for the future. The mission
statement does not specify how this should be accomplished.
The University Library has a Public Engagement Working Group that helps provide guidance to members of the
Special Collections Division, but there are no specific policy or planning documents in place for the creation of special
engagement programming associated with the Library’s special collections units. However the University does have an
Office of Public Engagement which helps support certain types of engagement initiatives across campus.
We are, however, in the process of drawing up a marketing plan.
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