SPEC Kit 317: Special Collections Engagement · 97
Special events at off-campus venues (show-and-tell opportunities related to subject areas).
The addition of our manuscript collections to a regional online archive has greatly increased use by unaffiliated
Web site links.
Excellent response to reference inquires.
Exhibits on-site and off attendance at scholarly conferences and community events, taking the opportunity to
promote through the use of personal contacts, marketing literature, and conference papers.
Invited presentation and poster sessions. Campus open house, DC Archives Fair.
Lectures and presentations given at scholarly and professional meetings, alumni association meetings, and scholarly
articles published in academic journals.
Links in Wikipedia.
Our Book History Workshop, videos on YouTube.
Private views held in conjunction with Library Development.
Published descriptive catalog of Special Collections holdings (in print as well as on Web). Published exhibition catalogs
(in print as well as on Web). Articles in C&RL News, the Washington Print Club Quarterly, and similar publications.
RBSC: attend society meetings. Library Development Office: Vault, online gallery.
Theme-driven podcasts from the T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History, which is part of Special Collections. Podcasts
promote and publicize oral history holdings and the mission of the Center.
Through a variety of partnerships in the academic, private sector, and public sector.
UCI Libraries offers the Anne Frank Research Travel Award for non-UCI scholars to utilize the UCI Southeast Asian
Archive. This helps promote and encourage the use of this unique collection, which is part of the UCI Special Collections
&Archives Department.
Worked through State History Day Coordinator to advertise days for K–12 groups to visit.
Other Comment
More than half our use if from people from off campus. They generally use our Web site and search engines to find out
we have materials. We do provide about 20 research grants to people beyond the campus every year.
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