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to faculty and students for our Film and Media Archive. It is the only unit (out of 5) in our department that has such a
In the Special Collections Department, the department head coordinates most activities. At the Blockson collection,
both the librarian and the collection curator work with curricular engagement functions. In the Urban Archives, all staff
members share responsibility for curricular engagement.
Instruction is done by a combination of staff from various special collections departments. While research services
handles the bulk, specialists through the special collection do instruction in their specialty areas. We also coordinate
with the main library and share instruction time with them.
It is most often the Outreach Curator and the Coordinator of Research services that take on these tasks, though other
curators do so as well when it involves their subject area.
Liaison Librarians have primary responsibility.
Library subject and format specialists, both in and outside of special collections, including curators, bibliographers,
and reference librarians engage with faculty to identify collections appropriate to curricular programs and course
One librarian in Rare Books and Special Collections has primary responsibility for coordinating curricular engagement
for that unit. In the South Carolina Political Collections, the Director has primary responsibility. In the other special
collections units, the responsibility is shared.
One librarian/curator has responsibility for outreach others are approached directly by faculty.
Our special collections are housed in several units and each is responsible for its own curricular engagement with the
collections. Within each unit, however, one or two people have primary responsibility.
Responsibility varies with subject/discipline.
Some archivists also teach classes and they assume the responsibility for research projects they assign.
Staff have varying subject expertise, and some are more likely than others to take responsibility for particular classes.
The academic staff in University Archives, Canadian Architectural Archives, Military Museums Library and Archives, and
Special Collections currently have responsibility for coordinating curricular engagement relating to their collections. A
reorganization now underway will lead to a converged approach by librarians, archivists, and curators which will focus
on the education and research programs of the university.
The Curator of Books/Head of Special Collections and the Curator of Manuscripts handle most of these responsibilities,
depending on which type of material is most likely to be used.
The Head of Special Collections and the University Archivist share primary responsibility for coordinating and providing
curricular engagement with the collections.
The person responsible depends on what collection or type of material is being used.
The staff member most likely to be involved in such curricular engagement is the liaison librarian to the department
responsible for a particular class or course.
There are three special collections departments all of which provide instruction. At each of the three departments there
is a main person who handles instruction, but other staff in each department also teach and collaborate based on need
and expertise.
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