58 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
17. What measure(s) have been used to evaluate the success of events in engaging students, faculty,
and affiliated scholars/researchers in the use of special collections? N=69
Anecdotal evidence. Increased volume of reference. Research outcomes, e.g., papers written, research visits.
Anecdotal only.
Apart from attendance, we have not introduced evaluation measures. Our events are generally very successful.
As with exhibitions, we rely on gauging attendance and feedback from observers and participants to evaluate the
success of our events.
Attendance and word of mouth feedback.
Attendance at events.
Attendance counts.
Attendance counts.
Attendance figures, comments from attendees.
Attendance is kept but no evaluation of impact on use.
Attendance only.
Attendance word of mouth testimonials. (NB: A survey was handed out at the end of the 2008 “Booklover’s Tours.”)
Attendance. Follow-up with students doing projects after attending event.
Count of researchers using collections.
Counting number of attendees or contacts made.
Counting participants.
Evaluation forms.
Event attendance.
Far too few!
Feedback from faculty, staff and students.
For some events, we have taken attendance or had a guest book available. Some have been featured in articles in the
campus paper.
Fund-raising targets.
Gap survey. Environmental scan.
Gate count and verbal feedback.
In-house staff meetings. Meetings with Executive Council members of the University South Caroliniana Society.
Informal evaluation conducted by our advancement people includes keeping track of attendance.
Informal measures talking to visitors and noting when they make return visits to bring others to the department.
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