28 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
There is an exhibit case outside the main Library’s public event space in which special collections regularly mounts
There is an exhibit gallery on the first floor that is sometimes used for Archives and Special Collections exhibits.
There is exhibition space in the large entryway of the main library, individual hall spaces for some units, and museum
spaces in the Sousa Archives and Center for American Music, and the Rare Book and Manuscript Library for artifacts.
Two glass “window cases” flanking entrance to department.
Two of the three special collections departments have gallery spaces for exhibits that allow for the mounting of larger
scale exhibits. These rooms were not designed to be galleries, but have been repurposed.
We actually have two exhibit spaces adjacent to the reading room for exhibits, one quite extensive, the other a single
glass wall case. Of course, Special Collections also contributes to exhibits in Main Library, or does exhibits there entirely
on its own. The assignment of that space, though, is competitive and is governed by an all-library Exhibits Committee.
We have a large window case in the hallway outside of Archives &Special Collections a secure and environmentally
controlled display case on another floor and display cases in another wing of the library that are great for displaying
surrogate materials.
We have a small gallery just off the reading room that we use for wall displays. We have one case in the reading room
and two cases just outside the main office as well as cabinets in one of the Library’s meeting rooms. Additionally, the
library just purchased six large display cases to be located around the library, which will be used for exhibits. We partner
with galleries on an ad hoc basis for outside exhibits.
We have an exhibit area in the Special Collections lobby. In addition, we have a case at the top of a central staircase
linking the ground (entrance) floor with the first floor. Until last month we had a large room near the main entrance of
the library. This space will be used for the next 2+ years to house library cafe spillover due to construction in our student
We have an exhibit space in the main library and in the architecture library.
We have appropriated hallway space outside the reading room and have placed display cases there. We have named
and marketed this space as the Luhrs Gallery. Much of our content is affixed to the wall or hung from the ceiling. On
occasion we also have access to quality space just inside the entrance to our main humanities library, but the schedule
for that space is managed by the Libraries Exhibits Committee.
We have four horizontal exhibit cases that CTASC staff are responsible for managing located in the Library atrium
(which has lots of traffic and thus high visibility). There are also two upright cases in the same space. CTASC staff
collaborate with Reference Librarians in coordinating exhibits for upright cases. There is also a small exhibit case directly
outside the archives entrance.
We have large exhibit cases in the library’s main inner lobby and in a public reading room adjacent to this lobby.
We have three cases in the “rotunda” area of the library (former entrance space) and two cases in a reading room other
than the Special Collections reading room.
We have three display cases just outside the reading room door.
We have three exhibit spaces: We have two one-room galleries, one on the first floor and one on the second floor of the
building, and a third room with wall space for additional exhibits and a permanent display.
We have two exhibition galleries at Firestone Library: Main Gallery which is a very large space and the Milberg
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