SPEC Kit 317: Special Collections Engagement  ·  41
Director of Special Collections
Events & Communications Coordinator (library-wide)
Faculty Director
Head of Special Collections
Head of Special Collections
Head, Exhibitions Program, Special Collections & University Archives/Curator, William Elliot Griffis Collection
Head, Special Collections and Archives
Special Collections Librarian
One individual leads a team of staff
Department Head
Director of External Affairs & Advancement
Director, Library Special Collections
Director, Rare Books, Special Collections and Preservation
Head, Archival and Special Collections
Head, Archives and Special Collections
Head, Rare Books and Special Collections
Head, Special Collections and University Archives
Head, Special Collections Research Center, representing the dept and coordinating with the Library-wide Events team
Public Programming, Marketing and Communications Team Leader
Public service archivist
University Archivist and Head, Archives and Special Collections
If you answered “Varies, depending on the event,” please explain.
A committee connected with the Library primarily does the planning and logistics of events. From there the Director
and Administrative Coordinator plan the specifics of the event. The Outreach Curator and the Coordinator of Research
Services primarily work with the public regarding visits, events, etc. Other curators in the department tend to be involved
when the event specifically regards that curator’s collection or subject area.
Any number of curators or other special collections staff may initiate or plan an event. Any faculty member or other
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