40 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
10. Does special collections participate in events such as lectures, open houses, symposia, etc. to
highlight its collections? N=79
Yes 75 95%
No 4 5%
If you answered Yes to either question above, please continue to the next question.
If you answered No to both questions above, please skip to the Curricular Engagement section of
the survey.
11. Please indicate which member of the university community are primary or secondary target
audiences for such events. Check all that apply. If a particular audience is not a target of events,
check nothing. More than one category of community member may be either a primary or
secondary audience for events. N=76
Events N Primary
Undergraduate students 72 52 20
Graduate students 74 63 11
Faculty 76 66 10
Other scholars/researchers affiliated with your institution 74 53 21
12. Who has primary responsibility for coordinating the creation and promotion of events in special
collections? N=79
One individual has primary responsibility 11 14%
One individual leads a team of staff 14 18%
All (or most) special collections staff share this responsibility 10 13%
Varies, depending on the event 44 56%
If you answered “one individual has primary responsibility” or “leads a team of staff,” please give
the position title of that individual.
One individual has primary responsibility
Associate Dean for Planning &Assessment
Department Head
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