30 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
The Art Collection, a unit within Special Collections, has a small gallery space in the main academic building on campus
for permanent display of masterworks from the collections.
The Hintz Alumni Center on campus has a large meeting room with room cases where surrogates of materials from the
University Archives are displayed on a rotating basis.
The lobby of a performance hall, in a university administration building, a campus library, the Chancellor’s residence,
and the Alumni Relations offices.
The university archives has a permanent exhibit installed at the Student Center East.
The Libraries has a secured gallery with four wall cases measuring 11’ each.
There are additional exhibit spaces in three other buildings that serve special collections programs not located in the
principal library building.
There is a display in our School of Journalism from which exhibits featuring various aspects of our Paul Miller Papers are
mounted. (Paul Miller was the former CEO of the Gannett Corporation and Chief of the Associated Press.)
We have exhibited materials in the Art Museum, in the University of Oregon Living Learning Center in an undergraduate
residence hall, in the Law Library.
We regularly participate in revolving exhibits at our local legislative assembly and other local community centres (i.e.,
the St. Lawrence Market Gallery).
Answered No
Occasionally, Special Collections has contributed to exhibitions in other campus buildings i.e., Eller Dance Theatre,
Visitor Center, College of Education, etc. But this is not a regular commitment.
There is a low security display space in the main lobby of the Main Library Building that the three special collections
units have used.
We do on a fairly frequent basis lend materials for exhibition at the Art Museum on campus (and they lend to us) and
we do small exhibitions on occasion at the Frist Campus Center. We do not control those spaces however.
We have “virtual exhibits” (Web-based digital images) of some of our Special Collections holdings including items from
our fore-edge book collection and antiquities. The principal creator of these exhibits has been our Special Collections
Library Technician (LT III). One of our topical archivists has worked with the Art Department and Library Technical
Services staff to create metadata and scans for our International Poster Collection Web site.
We have displayed selections from our collections in the Art Court at the Dane County Regional Airport. Art Court
displays art and other items that reflect the local culture. This is, however, not space reserved for the library or even the
University of Wisconsin-Madison, though campus units are often represented, depending on the theme of the exhibit.
We would like to use cases in the main library lobby when security issues have been addressed.
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