SPEC Kit 317: Special Collections Engagement · 43
involved in communication around an event. The Military Museums have their own Events and Media Coordinators.
One person generally leads a team. That person depends on the location of the event.
Our Libraries Director of Marketing and Director of Development help promote some of our Special Collections-based
events. Our Special Collections Library Technician helps in coordinating some events for special collections materials
(Poetry Readings) with input from the Department Head, Marketing Director, and other staff.
Our special collections are housed in several units and each is responsible for coordinating the creation and promotion
of events. Within each unit, however, there tends to be one person with primary responsibility: Curator of the
Department of Special Collections Curator/History of the Health Sciences Librarian Director of the UW Archives
Director of the Kohler Art Library, etc.
Responsibility varies with scope, subject, size, and location of exhibits.
Shared among staff, Assistant Deans, Development Officer.
Staff from each of the three special collections units initiate and host public programs based upon the program’s
purpose and topic.
Staff may have subject expertise relating to an event some events may relate to overall publicity or fundraising efforts of
the University Libraries, and therefore may involve staff who promote the event and students or faculty from outside the
Team approach: formed as needed from special collection staff.
The Director of the South Carolina Political Collections has primary responsibility for the creation and promotion of
events in his unit.
The events are largely organized on an ad hoc basis.
The Head of Special Collections is fairly new, so the responsibility has moved around, depending on the event.
The Head of Special Collections, the Public Services Librarian, or the Southeast Asian Archive Librarian may each take
responsibility for organization depending on the topic and their schedules.
The Library External Relations and Stewardship Officer takes the lead on coordination and promotion of some events
and helps to promote others, but events may be coordinated and promoted by the Stewardship staff, by Special
Collections staff, or by outside parties (faculty, groups, etc.)
This reflects the decentralized nature and the diversity of special collections programs at this library.
Two groups are primarily involved in promotion: The Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections and York University
Libraries York University foundation (Development Officer for York University Libraries). Occasionally other members
of the campus community may initiate promotions e.g., Academic departments, student organizations or individual
Undergraduate outreach events are organized by Special Collections Reference and Instruction Librarians. Exhibit-related
events are coordinated by the staff member who is responsible for the exhibit (this rotates among special collections
librarians). Subject-specific events are organized by the staff member responsible for the collection being highlighted.
We are in the process of creating a position (Outreach Coordinator) to take on this responsibility. Up until now events
related to Special Collections have been ad hoc: curators of exhibits work on promotion for their exhibit Friends of
Libraries staff do events related to our collections department head takes the lead on new initiatives such as events to
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