34 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
Head counts for affiliated events.
Impressive Web server statistics, both aggregate and detailed, are complied monthly by units. Public Services Statistics.
User feedback, including guest book, occasional e-mail comments, other anecdotal comments. When faculty or TAs
bring their classes or assign an exhibit visit in their courses, we have a fairly clear sense of engagement.
In development.
Little evaluation has been done.
Mainly comments received on paper or online feedback forms for physical and online digital exhibits and Web stats for
digital exhibits and anecdotal data on increased use of associated collections.
N/A (2 responses)
No formal evaluation is carried out.
No formal evaluation method. Word of mouth.
No formal measures.
No formal measures of evaluation currently in place.
No formal method, but really successful exhibitions get lots of press and lots of attendance which we do measure, plus
positive e-mail regarding exhibitions.
No formal methods of evaluating the success of exhibits, although CTASC staff have gathered feedback via word-of-
mouth, e-mail, or blog comments.
No systematic assessment. Guest book inviting comments is always available by the exhibit.
None (7 responses)
None really. For our last major exhibit, we had a guest book which solicited comments.
None. In fact, we have seen exhibits as more than a connection to use the materials but rather a general educational
purpose and an opportunity to highlight collections for donors as well as users.
Not formalized.
Number of visitors.
One-on-one coverage, surveys, comment books.
Online response mechanisms.
RBSC: guest books.
Response to outreach efforts encouraging faculty to schedule classes and workshops to visit specifically in conjunction
with an exhibition anecdotal survey form in the gallery.
Selected exhibits have comments books available.
Statistics are kept of the number of viewers.
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