SPEC Kit 317: Special Collections Engagement · 93
36. Has this evaluation led to any changes in how special collections engages faculty/scholars/
researchers to use its collections in their research projects? N=45
Yes 8 18%
No 37 82%
If yes, please briefly describe what changed.
Continued discussions on improving contact with faculty and scholars/researchers.
In the sense that we are fairly acutely aware of the importance of nurturing and extending existing relationships.
Increase in digitized content with enriched metadata. Enhanced discovery layer (Summon) Courses more targeted to
collection. Creation of K–12 educational toolkits. Collaboration with faculty in innovative ways to use collections, e.g.,
fully interactive digital maze (simulation) at the Military Museums.
Increase in interactions with those individuals to insure they are aware of and gain access to all relevant collection
We adjust our presentations regularly in response to how faculty respond.
We work with our institutional repository by encouraging faculty to deposit their articles and books in the IR. Archives &
Special Collections staff have actively sought transfers of collections on campus to the Libraries.
Yes, we are planning for new ways to reach affiliated faculty and encourage more to use Special Collections for
their research or teaching. For example, we are encouraging subject librarians to include Special Collections in their
orientations to new hires.
Engaging Unaffiliated Researchers
37. Does special collections make a particular effort to target outreach efforts to unaffiliated
researchers? N=76
Yes 63 83%
No 13 17%
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