SPEC Kit 317: Special Collections Engagement · 25
With multiple libraries housing special collection, the responsibility for exhibits varies, though normally resides with one
person in each location.
4. Does special collections have space (other than the reading room) designated for exhibits? N=78
Within library buildings 70 8
Beyond library buildings 18 47
If there is designated exhibit space within the library (other than the reading room), please
describe it.
2nd floor locked cases.
A gallery space adjacent to the reading room and a large wall case in a hallway.
A gated space immediately outside the reading room is available. Approximately 20 x 25 feet.
A separate gallery. We are currently designing a new gallery because construction of a new library eliminated half of our
old one.
An exhibit area at the entrance to the Special Collections Library provides an accessible, secure, dedicated space for
rotating exhibits of material held by the Special Collections Library. The Audubon Room in the Library Gallery
provides an accessible, secure, dedicated space for the permanent display, on a rotating basis, of some of the greatest
treasures from the Library’s collections.
At this time there is only a lobby close to the reading room. Exhibition space and a gallery will expand in the next year
when the reading room is moved to the first floor of the Library.
Built-in wall cases in a public hallway plus a hallway photo gallery in addition, the main library has an exhibition gallery
that hosts occasional special collections exhibits.
Dedicated exhibition gallery next to reading room and first and second floor public spaces (exhibit cases).
Eight enclosed cases in the main entrance exhibition area wall space and standing cases in 1st floor seminar/reception
Exhibit cases are placed within the library’s public spaces and study areas.
Exhibit cases for which special collections staff have responsibility are dispersed throughout the libraries (the main
library, and the Library of the Health Sciences-Chicago), although the primary exhibit cases are located in the reception
area of the main library special collections department and the university archives has a dedicated exhibit case
immediately outside the front door of the department.
Exhibit hall, general library exhibit space, reference areas, lobby.
Front door of Science Library and Main Library.
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