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Some classes include a mixture of both graduate and undergraduate students.
The above are estimates. The system of keeping track of classes collapsed when the person responsible for keeping
statistics was laid off.
The number of classes listed here only includes the Department of Special Collections (45 Undergrad, 2 Grad), Historical
Collections (7 Undergrad, 1 Grad), and the Kohler Art Library (34 Undergrad, 42 Grad). Other units do not necessarily
distinguish between Undergrad and Grad categories in their library instruction statistics.
The number of students above are averaged from the total numbers (299 undergraduates and 85 graduate students).
Combined undergraduate/graduate classes (e.g., 400 level courses) have been counted as undergraduate classes for
this purpose. If the same course had multiple class visits, each visit has been counted as a separate class. We did 22
sessions for 20 different courses in FY09.
Total of 304 students were in these instruction classes.
We did instruction for 77 classes in the academic year ending in 09. Of those, roughly 60% actually took part in
research projects using special collections of those undergraduates would be the largest user group.
We don’t track students in classes by type, and some classes are mixed, with seniors and grads taking the same class
but with different course numbers and requirements. So figures above are a “best guess.” We had 41 classes last year
and 541 students.
We host an English class that studies the development of the book for the entire school year, as well as a Masters of
archival studies class. In other years we have hosted an English class for the school year studying writers’ archives.
We keep instruction statistics that indicate when we have offered this to a specific class, but many other classes are
assigned work that requires or benefits from our collections without consulting us.
Year totals: 108 sessions (class groups, visiting school or other groups, tours, etc.) 1205 patrons.
25. Does the library keep track of how many students use special collections materials, outside of an
instruction session, during an academic year? N=74
Yes 41 55%
No 33 45%
If yes, approximately how many students used special collections materials during the 2008–2009
academic year? N=32
Undergraduates N=32
Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev
54 3500 739.66 396.0 746.61
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