SPEC Kit 317: Special Collections Engagement · 51
Howard Bond (photographer) exhibit opening/reception, and “Collections Roundtable,” an invitation-only conversation
for faculty, students, and library administrators.
“Humor in the 20th Century: Country and Blues,” A lecture by DJ Dr. Demento. “We’re All Family Here: Preserving
Community Heritage in the Rogers Road Neighborhood of Chapel Hill,” featuring community members as speakers. “It’s
Clobbering Time! Comic Books and Creating the Idea of Black Masculinity,” a lecture by Randall Kenan.
If You Ain’t Got the Do Re Mi: America’s 1930s Through Music (American String Festival 2009) Striving for Perfect
Tuba Chops: A Master Class with Carol Jantsch One in a Million: An Exhibition of Eleven Landmark Acquisitions at The
University of Illinois.
Launch of the Henry Kalen Photograph collection and exhibit Annual J. B. Rudnyckyj lectureship (in Slavic studies)
Paper Marbeling Workshop with Janet Carroll.
Lecture on Orichas exhibit, by Religious Studies faculty member Lecture on TV show Que Pasa USA? by faculty member
at other university Adam Folds poetry reading.
Lectures prior to all exhibition openings (four or five a year). Book Adoption party. Two formal dinners with speakers.
Princylopedia event that attracts 2000 youngsters and their families.
Louis Faugeres Bishop III Lecture: annual endowed lecture hosted by Special Collections (Spencer Crew, “The Still Family
and the Underground Railroad,” February 23, 2009 Opening, Major Exhibition, Bridging Generations: Women Artists
and Art Organizations in Rutgers Collections, October 5, 2009 Opening, Major Exhibition, Benevolent Patriot: The Life
and Times of Henry Rutgers, February 15, 2010.
Malcolm Lowry Exhibition, Rare Books &Special Collections.
Martin Luther King, Jr. event with speakers and exhibit Writing Week with the English department speaker and
exhibit University Convocation speaker, exhibit and reception.
Measuring Deliberate Speed Film Series on Desegregation History Monthly Informal Community Forums on policy
issues Doug Blackmon Lecture White Glove Dinners.
New New South lecture series “Hold on to your hats” lecture (tied to exhibit).
On Monday, March 15, 7–9 PM the John Hay Library will host “a conversation with and for organizers, social
entrepreneurs, and advocates about Strategies for Social Change,” sponsored by the Friends of the Library, the Swearer
Center for Public Service, the Taubman Center for Public Policy Careers in the Common Good, Social Justice Network
and UCAAP. The Brown University Library and the Rhode Island Philatelic Society celebrated the Society’s 125 years of
charted activity on Tuesday, February 2, 2010 at two events taking place at the John Hay Library at Brown University.
Reception for the “Black Lavender 2” exhibit, celebrating the lives and accomplishments of more than 30 black gay men
with Rhode Island connections, on Jan. 10, 2010.
On-site we hosted an event for the Shaw Festival Guild members (about 35 in all) the event consisted in a presentation,
lunch, a tour of the archives, and an opportunity to examine materials brought out for display on tables in the reading
room. Co-hosted with Theatre Museum Canada the Niagara-on-the-Lake, Toronto, and Guelph openings of the
Cameron Porteous art exhibit (which mostly consisted in art from our collections).
Open House Tours for classes led by museum curators.
Open house for Alumni Weekend Open house for VEISHEA event.
Open house for the opening of a display on fairy tales. Periodic open houses for library faculty and staff.
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