62 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
The Library-wide Events Team has made a concerted effort in recent years to highlight Special Collections in many
of its events. As part of this effort, the Head of Special Collections sits on the Library’s Events Team. In addition to
engaging students, faculty, and other scholars, a major focus of the Events Team is the Library’s friends group and
donor cultivation. Following events, it is not unusual for at least one or two students or faculty to come back to Special
Collections later.
The main draw for students occurs if and when selected faculty members make attendance at these events mandatory
for course credit or offer extra credit for attendance.
We are guessing at what is most successful no formal evaluation has been conducted success also varies with the
type of event and target audience. We have given special tours for select audiences graduate students in areas
where our holdings are strong (one example).
We have several ideas for future events, some of which are in the early planning stages. One of these is another art
exhibit to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Shaw Theatre Festival (whose records we hold). Another is an event
probably some kind of cooking demonstration to highlight our strong culinary collections. We are also planning to
host a symposium on Lucy Maud Montgomery whose so-called suicide note we just received and about which there is
some controversy as a suicide note.
We know that exhibits and related events bring the strengths of our collections to the attention of visitors. For example,
two graduate students and one visiting professor found items of relevance to their research in the exhibit “It’s good for
While we hold several events per year which are well attended and well-received, our ability to offer more programming
is limited by finite (and exhausted) staff.
Curricular Engagement
20. Does special collections seek to engage students in using its collections for curricular purposes?
Yes 76 99%
No 1 1% [nonacademic institution]
If you answered Yes, please continue to the next question.
If you answered No, please skip to the Engaging Faculty and Scholars/Researchers section of the
21. Please indicate how special collections has collaborated with faculty and/or students to include
unique materials in student research projects. Please indicate whether these collaborations are
done for undergraduates, graduates, or both. Check all that apply. N=76
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