SPEC Kit 317: Special Collections Engagement · 65
One individual leads a team of staff
Curator of Special Collections
Department Head
Head of Archival and Special Collections. Primarily the professional staff conduct class sessions and work with faculty
regarding the development of ASC content for use in courses, but depending on their subject expertise other para-
professional staff may also be brought in or even initiate the engagement.
Head, Rare Books and Special Collection
Head, Special Collections Research Center
Public service archivist
Special Collections and Archives Public Services Librarian
University Historian and Archivist, or Special Collections Librarian
Director +Archivist Librarian
If you answered “Varies, depending on the research project,” please explain.
Again, special collections are relatively decentralized and in multiple locations.
As with exhibitions and events, each of the custodial units (as well as our Processing Coordinator and Access Archivist)
has a constituency of faculty and departments with whom they work most directly in terms of “curricular engagement.”
Currently, Curator teaching the sessions and collection management staff coordinate. We plan to centralize this
coordination in the new Outreach Coordinator position.
Depending on the subject matter, the appropriate curator (manuscripts, rare books, university archives, New Jersey
collection) works with the faculty and students.
Depends on the professor’s contacts and the types of materials he/she wants to use (books, manuscripts, or archives.)
Depends on the unit involved with the project.
Each curator and subject specialist engages faculty and students in various ways depending on the collections, the
syllabi, and the degree of interest on the part of the faculty.
English scholar (Curator of Books) Historian (Curator of MSS) Soviet studies specialist (Director of SpCollLib) European
languages specialist (-same-).
Expertise, subject liaison librarian, head in some cases.
If the projects specifically involve archives, one of the two archivists has primary responsibility. Otherwise, either the
Head of Special Collections &Archives or the Reference Librarian will coordinate curricular engagement with the
In one unit we have a staff member who is a half time faculty member the other half of his time is spent doing outreach
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