SPEC Kit 317: Special Collections Engagement · 55
Co-sponsor of event at School of Architecture. African-American exhibit with History Museum. Library Friends event on
Slave Forts of Africa.
Collecting to Teach: The Extraordinary Legacy of Joseph A. Haller, S.J. Symposium celebrating the founder of the
Library’s fine prints collection, with a keynote speaker, a panel discussion, and personal remembrances, followed by a
reception and exhibition gallery open house, and a dinner for the principal players. Composers, Performers, and Their
Critics. A performance for voice and piano, based on manuscripts on display in the music manuscripts display case, in
the music department’s small concert hall, followed by a reception in the Library, with an open house of the display
case. First-Year Student Academic Workshop: Sebastian Barry’s The Secret Scripture. Each fall, the entire freshman class
reads a contemporary novel, now by a Booker Prize finalist. Special Collections does a display in the Library’s main lobby
display case based on the novel and drawing from our collection of Booker Prize authors. The author comes to campus
to speak to the freshman class and various faculty members and others, including members of Special Collections staff,
lead small group discussions of the novel with the freshmen.
Comic Book Symposium, Communal Studies Association, Community Conversations.
Commencement open house, May 2009. Literary Festival exhibit in conjunction with University-sponsored NC Literary
Curator presentation at scholarly event. Curator participation in public briefing on research project. Campus open house
Cushing-Glasscock Award. In conjunction with the Center for Humanities Research, graduate students do research in
the library and then do a special presentation at its conclusion. “From Earth to the Universe,” an exhibition for which a
full case of Cushing astronomy volumes were highlighted, November 9 January 30, 2010, Brazos Valley Museum of
Natural History. “Siempre! Otra Vez,” an exhibition focused on the contributions of Bryan/College Station’s citizens of
Hispanic descent, built around Cushing’s “Siempre!” exhibition with additional artifacts from area contributors, opened
October 11, College Station Heritage Programs.
DC Archives Fair. Neighborhood block party. Parents Weekend.
Drippytown exhibition. Lyle Creelman nursing exhibition. Jane Rule exhibition.
Exhibition for presentation by president of Cornell at the Trustee Council Weekend. Alpha Phi Alpha reunion exhibit:
APA is the first African American Fraternity in the country. Reunion weekend, annually in many events.
Faculty Authors Recognition. National Day of Writing. Family Weekend.
Family Weekend (display) Fall 2009. “Fall into the Arts” (display) Fall 2009.
Friends of the Library, Holiday Reception. The Making Public Projects. The Canadian Church Historical Society (CCHS).
Friends of the University Library annual meeting (May 2009) Milton Marathon (Nov 2009) Arctic Spirit Innuit Art
Exhibit, Alumni/donor program (June–Aug 2009) UA Press Exhibit, Special Collections was one of several locations for
exhibit and hosted book talk by one of the 2009 authors.
Graduate Student Open House. National Writing Day.
“Ice People” movie premier and reception Design for Performance, U.S. Institute for Theatre Technology Exhibit:
Thurber House 25th Anniversary Celebration.
Illinois Chapter of the Trail of Tears Association. American Conference for Irish Studies. Cultural and Natural Heritage
Symposium, Center for Delta Studies.
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