92 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
None at this time
None at this time.
None to date.
Nothing formal.
Nothing formal we receive a lot of feedback from faculty, scholars, and researchers about the great service provided,
often as letters or e-mailed kudos, though also in the form of donated papers.
Nothing systematic.
Number of faculty or staff visitors per year.
Number of researchers using collections.
One-on-one contact, e-mail exchanges.
One-on-one discussions with those individuals.
Our primary source of evaluation is the feedback that we get from faculty responding to the various initiatives that we
take to link their research to our resources.
Records of subject foci among faculty requesting materials and frequency of collections use.
Statistical/quantitative records, as well as anecdotal files on class interactions.
To my knowledge, no attempt to measure or evaluate these activities has been done. And it is not as though we make
a lot of systematic effort in this direction: in some years, we have sent information/invitation to all new faculty in
some years to new faculty in most likely departments we have made attempts to reach graduate students through
departmental organizations etc. On the whole, the best “yield,” I guess, comes from recommendations made by one
or more of the several dozen faculty members who are themselves users and supporters of the collections and who give
their colleagues and students good reasons to come meet and talk with us.
Track the number of non-student, campus-affiliated researchers who are registered as special collections patrons.
Use of material and resulting publications, leads on related material that may be in the hands of private collectors.
Virtually none. This is an area that needs more work.
We do not formally evaluate this.
We don’t conduct formal evaluations, but we do document engagement with faculty and scholars by: 1. Library
administration collects data on instructional sessions held in Special Collections. 2. License agreements for use of Special
Collections’ surrogates and citations in publication require that the licensee provide a copy of the resulting publication.
3. Loan agreements stipulate that the borrowing institution send us copies of exhibition catalogs that include items
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