SPEC Kit 308: Graduate Student and Faculty Spaces and Services · 73
“We have no special area set aside for graduates or faculty. We do have assigned carrels scattered around the
library. In the partnerships section -we have informal partnerships with several departments/offices and offer
services to grad students and faculty BUT not in a special space reserved for them in the library.”
“We have one space and one service clearly designated for graduate students. The Graduate Study Room
provides a 24/7 graduate study for medical, pharmacy students and all graduate students at the university.
The lockers are assigned on a first come, first serve basis to any graduate student needing to use arts
materials. They are assigned for the academic session and are renewable. They are available all hours the
building in which the Arts Library is located is open.”
“We have tried not to restrict access to any of our spaces or services (such as the Scholars’ Lab or the
McGregor Reading Room), even though they may be targeted to grad students and faculty. Exceptions are
graduate carrels, a few faculty offices, and our on-Grounds deliveries for faculty. We are thinking of including
graduate research space in the coming renovations of our main library, but are leaning toward more flexible,
unrestricted space.”
“We provide individual lockable study spaces for 16 students for a term. No other services are provided at this
“While I understand what you are seeking to learn, the concept does not fit well with our physical facility at
this time our spaces are more antiquated and we wouldn’t currently create this sort of service at this time in
a future renovated space spaces targeted to grads and faculty makes good sense.”
“While we may design and operate certain spaces with faculty and/or graduate students in mind and they
will be the dominate users, in most cases other than the designated lounges planned for Olin, the Graduate
study area in Mann, and the graduate carrels and faculty studies in Kroch, our spaces are open to all who
need to use the space for its designated purpose. The services that we offer including research help do not
differentiate between patron groups, but are available to users of those spaces. We intentionally left section
11 blank because it is impossible for us to supply such granular information across three large diverse
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