26 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Other individual(s), group(s),
or entity contacted.
Other information
gathering method and the
corresponding individuals,
group, or entity.
We conducted a number of site visits
to other academic libraries.
We contacted the Graduate Student
Council about dedicating space for
graduate and faculty quiet study.
We met in late March with a
representative group of graduate
students, toured our Main Library with
them, talked about the spaces that we
are currently providing, and solicited
ideas on what they would like to see
in Main Library. Though specifically
a conversation about space, we
did touch on services that might be
beneficial for this population.
In addition, in January, a library
group was charged with identifying
the necessary and desired
components of a cohesive program
for providing information skills
instruction to graduate students. This
endeavor is also shaping some of our
thinking as we move forward with
Additional Comments
“As indicated in earlier comment, graduate students comments in LibQUAL+ survey the need for their own
library space.”
“The small amount of space (private study carrels in a quiet zone) has been in place for many, many years.”
“We are not even to this stage. We are just thinking about what should be in our area and will be gathering
our data in the next year or so.”
“We have a graduate study center in the largest of our six libraries. The space was designated for this use
back in 1994 when the addition opened. No one recalls any particular process that was used. The graduate
school and the grad student association handles the staffing. It’s mostly a computer lab with some meeting
space. No library connection beyond them being in our space. As for faculty, we had a request from central
admin to house an Emeritus Faculty facility it is housed in our science library in a space that had been vacant
for years. They remodeled at their cost. They have meeting spaces, individual offices that faculty can use, and
office space for the program director and secretary. They are just getting this program off the ground and will
likely be offering other services that will be coordinated by their staff.”
“We have just initiated a planning process to evaluate our current space use and needs. We will likely utilize
all the methods noted above in developing our plans.”
“When deciding to combine faculty &grad student reading rooms in the science library, we reviewed usage
statistics, conducted focus groups with grad students, and contacted faculty who were heavy users of the
faculty reading room.”
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