46 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
16. Which of the following research services are provided to graduate students and/or faculty in the
service space(s)? Check all that apply. N=27
Faculty Both
N 4 2 24
Remote Reference/Research Help service (e-mail, chat, virtual
reference, etc.)
25 3 1 21
Citation Management software and assistance 20 3 1 16
Appointment-based Reference/Research Help 18 2 1 15
Data analysis and/or software assistance 14 2 12
Reference/Research Help Desk service (face-to-face) 13 1 12
GIS analysis and/or software assistance 13 3 10
Organizing conferences or colloquiums 3 1 2
Other research services 9 1 8
Please specify other research services.
“Center for Teaching instructional design.”
“All except organizing conferences/colloquiums are available in the main library. No separate area for grads or
“Digital media support support for the University’s course management system.”
“Graduate Student Workshop Series already being offered but coordination will be transferred to the
Chapman Learning Commons.”
“Interlibrary services/document delivery.”
“Many of these services are available, but not from a faculty/grad student desk. Much of what we envision is
still just that—a vision.”
“Media Production provides information graphics and research posters. The Library’s chief collection
development officer also has an office in the Faculty Commons.”
“Organizing and publicizing talks by experts.”
“Rush order materials requested by faculty and graduate students that are within the collecting mandate of
the Libraries.”
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