SPEC Kit 308: Graduate Student and Faculty Spaces and Services · 39
“This branch is open to the public and used by a small undergraduate class as well as other students and
faculty who live near the campus.”
“Undergraduates and staff.”
“Undergraduates will be allowed to use the visualization lab.”
“Visiting scholars. As we develop additional services, we will not restrict undergrad use.”
11. How many hours per week is the service point(s) open? N=29
Hours per week
Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev
40 168 105 102 34.73
12. To whom does the service point(s) report? Check all that apply. N=40
Library director/dean 30 75%
Provost 3 8%
Academic department dean 1 3%
Campus advisory committee 1 3%
Office of Research
Other 13 33%
Please specify other.
Associate Dean in University Library
Associate University Librarian
AUL for Access Services
Both Library Director and IKBLC Director
Center for Academic Technology reports to CIO
Director of Social Science Libraries
Director of Teaching and Learning
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