52 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Role Provides Services from: MOU? Comments
The Library provides space to campus
computing, writing, and instructional
learning services who support
faculty and graduate students by
providing wireless laptop assistance,
instructional design, writing, and
classroom technology support
services. This exists to some extent at
branch libraries as well.
Within the main library No This is in a pilot stage.
They are the primary force in this
project, and the staff in the area will
report to CIO and provide the services.
The library location No
Wireless network support In library spaces but maintain their
permanent offices elsewhere
Wireless network support, some off-
site server management, IT help desk
(outside the library)-not specific to any
user group
Offices outside the library Some
Wireless network, computing
Permanent offices elsewhere Some
Yes, IT help, wireless network support
and server management
On location and remotely Some
Additional Comments
“We don’t collaborate on physical service points but we’re doing a lot with customized portal views.”
“The library has an MOU with campus computing for general services, but not specifically for graduate
students or faculty.”
”The Libraries do provide a Statistical Software Consulting service. Again, this is not limited to faculty and
graduate students.”
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