SPEC Kit 308: Graduate Student and Faculty Spaces and Services · 59
Office of Research N=39
Yes 11 28%
No 28 72%
No formal contracts or MOUs 10 100%
Some arrangements are documented through contracts or MOUs
All arrangements are documented with contracts or MOUs
Role Provides services from: MOU? Comments:
Copyright advice and assistance Library No
Development and support for
electronic theses and dissertations and
teaching about avoiding plagiarism
Various locations No
Digital repository cooperation Another building No
Grant processing. No
Grant workshops, NIH and copyright
workshops, NIH submissions
Permanent offices elsewhere No
IP advice No
Main focus has been on open access/
scholarly communication lately
Distributed No
Submits library grants to grantors on
behalf of university partners with
library on intellectual property
Their office location online--
mostly staff e-mail
Supporting the Arts and Humanities
Institute to be located in the RC,
Remodeled space on the first
We offer grants workshops that are
attended primarily by faculty and grad
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