SPEC Kit 308: Graduate Student and Faculty Spaces and Services · 47
17. Which of the following teaching support services are provided to graduate students and/or faculty
in the service space(s)? Check all that apply. N=17
N Graduate
Faculty Both
N 0 1 16
Instructional skills workshops and assistance 14 1 13
Educational technology workshops and assistance 13 13
Learning object creation workshops and assistance 7 7
Podcasting 7 7
Video conferencing 6 6
Vodcasting 4 4
Other teaching support services 4 4
Please specify other teaching support services.
“Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth (TAG) Office of Learning Technology have offices in IKBLC.
Faculty of Graduate Studies and Writing Centre and other potential partners still to be determined. See url’s at
end of survey responses.”
“Many of the options above are provided by the campus’ Educational Technology Services which is not part
of the library but which we partner with on many projects, including elements of their educational technology
“Web 2.0 tools, electronic portfolios, Blackboard assistance, learning design.”
“Whatever our Teaching and Learning Center will provide.”
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