SPEC Kit 308: Graduate Student and Faculty Spaces and Services · 57
Learning Technologies Office N=39
Yes 15 39%
No 24 61%
No formal contracts or MOUs 13 93%
Some arrangements are documented through contracts or MOUs 1 6%
All arrangements are documented with contracts or MOUs.
Role Provides services from: MOU? Comments
Assisted technology equipment Friedman Study Center for both
Under Grads and Grads -all hours
open (24 x 5)
Collaborative workshops Permanent offices elsewhere No
Content &Collaboration Services No
Coordinate teaching needs
assessment, Blackboard use,
electronic reserves
Shared teaching lab in library No
Faculty and graduate e-learning
support, learning management system
support, learning object creations, etc.
Center for Faculty Excellence
located in the main library
Instructional design classes and
consultations. Focus on technologies
to enhance creative teaching
Five staff have offices in the
Learning design Offices within Faculty Commons No
Learning management systems
Educational technology lab, and
Learning management systems
workshops, Learning Object
Creation, Multimedia support,
Videoconferencing support
Library and other locations Some Shared classrooms have an MOU.
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