SPEC Kit 308: Graduate Student and Faculty Spaces and Services · 69
Statistics and Assessment
25. What statistics are kept to track graduate student and/or faculty use of spaces and services? Check
all that apply. N=44
No usage statistics kept 14 32%
Sessions (#of sessions, type of sessions, #of participants
in average session, and total served for a particular function) 12 27%
Head counts by time or location 9 21%
Gate counts/exit counts 8 18%
Questions answered 7 16%
By department served (departmental affiliation) 7 16%
Web or print comments 7 16%
Web usage (page hits, etc.) 6 14%
By specific courses supported 6 14%
Other 17 39%
Please specify other.
“Actual number of requests for graduate student document delivery.”
“Carrel applications by department and rank.”
“Circulation data for specific populations.”
“Circulation statistics for graduate students consultations with selected graduate students ILLO stats are
another possible option we haven’t explored.”
“Document Delivery support statements in dissertations.”
“Grants received.”
“Included with overall statistics.”
“Information not available yet.”
“Keep track of access cards issued to grad students to use the Group Study Room. Track the number of
lockers checked out/in use each year.”
“Occasional task forces and special projects usually indicating respondents classification (i.e., graduate
student, faculty, etc.)”
“Occupancy is always at 100% we monitor the queue line for the waiting lists.”
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