SPEC Kit 308: Graduate Student and Faculty Spaces and Services · 71
department as their personal librarian for service and collection issues.”
“Voluntary comments on Web page.”
“We are now doing our own assessment.”
Additional Comments
27. Please enter any additional information about spaces or services specifically designed for graduate
students and/or faculty that may assist the authors in accurately analyzing the results of this
survey. N=25
Selected Comments from Respondents
“1. The collection at the branch campus library is specifically geared to the graduate and faculty classes and
research. 2. Plans for a grant writing center to support this activity. 3. The main library offers closed study
rooms (small offices) for doctoral candidates.”
“A large portion of this survey does not pertain to us because while we do provide, and have always provided,
separate study spaces for faculty and graduate students, we do not provide any separate services or service
points for these groups.”
“A position was created to provide and coordinate more services of interest to faculty and graduate students,
but as of yet no space or services have been limited to just these user groups. Discussions have been held
after interview sessions and focus groups with graduate students concerning more services and spaces for
graduate students. Among the top requests from the graduate students, and one of the most viable, has
been for lockers to store books. A service that was initiated with graduate students and faculty in mind was a
document delivery service. Previously graduate students and faculty could only request (ILL) items not owned
by the library. Last year the new document delivery service was begun. If the library owns the journal that
contains an article a student or faculty member wants, they can request it and the library will pull the journal
from the shelf and make an electronic copy of the article for the student much in the same way we fulfill
Interlibrary Loan Requests. The same rules of ILL apply to make sure fair use is maintained. If the library owns
a book the student or faculty member would like, they can request it and the library will pull the book and
hold it at the circulation desk for them.”
“At this point in time, our library does not have particular services focused for grad students and faculty. We
do have a graduate library 4 miles east of the main campus, that serves a few specific graduate programs,
located on that campus. All of the services of that branch library are primarily aimed at the grad students
and faculty who make up their primary clientele. The services are the usual: reference, instruction, and
“Graduate student spaces and services are in the planning stage.”
“In addition to the new service of document delivery to graduate students, the library has provided two other
faculty-only services for many years. 1. Document delivery: this is very popular and appreciated. 2. Research
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