SPEC Kit 308: Graduate Student and Faculty Spaces and Services · 49
19. Does the library partner with any of the campus units below to deliver services for graduate
students and/or faculty? If yes, please:
briefly describe the role each partner has played
describe from where the partner provides services. (For example, do the campus partners
maintain permanent offices or satellite offices in the library? Alternatively, do they provide
services in library spaces but maintain their permanent offices elsewhere?)
indicate whether the library has formal contracts or memorandums of understanding (MOUs)
with the partner outlining rights and responsibilities associated with their use of physical space or
involvement in research/teaching support services
Partner MOU
Yes No No
Campus Computing 27 15 16 8 2
Faculty Development/
Teaching Excellence Office
18 22 17
Writing Center 15 25 13 1
Learning Technoligies Office 15 25 13 1
Office of Research 11 28 11
Graduate Student Development Office 10 30 9
Other Partner 10 28 9 1
Total number of respondents 31 38 24 8 3
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