54 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Role Provides services from: MOU? Comments
The Center for Teaching and Learning
offers workshops, discussion series,
individual consultations, and other
programming and resources to
develop and strengthen teaching skills
and strategies.
Offices within Faculty Commons No
The library provides sessions in
the August and January teaching
The Teaching Resource Center No
These are already in the building,
Teaching and Learning Technology
Their existing space in Library
West Tower.
No Predates our development of an
MOU process.
Workshops Classroom No
Workshops Permanent offices elsewhere No
Workshops are offered to faculty
concerning copyright issues, using
bibliographic management software,
and linking to library services in
course management pages.
These workshops are held at
the Institute for Teaching and
Learning Excellence facility on
No Workshops for using
bibliographics management
software are also held in the
library training room, but
these classes are also open to
undergraduate students.
Workshops on library resources Library classrooms No
Unspecified Unspecified No Some collaboration with the
Sheridan Teaching Center but not
Unspecified Teaching &Learning Services No
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