SPEC Kit 308: Graduate Student and Faculty Spaces and Services · 45
Please specify other technology services.
“Wireless coverage.”
“Faculty are the only user group that has laptops reserved for their use. Student laptops available to both
graduate and undergraduate students.”
“The Retired Faculty research room includes one computer, a printer, and a fax machine.”
“All Individual Research Study Rooms have access to the Library’s wireless network.”
“All the above services are available in the library. There is no specific area set aside for graduates or faculty
except study carrels.”
“Facilities for conducting usability studies facilities for experimenting with new technology and software self-
service scanning.”
“GIS, data, and visualization technologies.”
“Many of these services are available, but not from a faculty/grad student desk. Much of what we envision is
still just that—a vision.”
“Most of the above services are available to all users in those and in other spaces. Some are used more
heavily by faculty, such as digital production services. Video conferencing will also be more targeted toward
faculty and graduate students.”
“Some digitization, staff-mediated, technology services are in the planning stages.”
“Sound booth 3D visualization space.”
“Teaching Support Centre: ack computer, CD, DVD, Smart Board, Sympodium, camera and recording
equipment, overhead projector. Western Libraries: desktop computers available for use by all users.”
“This is a confusing question since our services are distributed. We provide many of these services in spaces
not exclusively dedicated to faculty/graduate students. Additionally we provide some of these services to
graduate students who are instructors (GSI), who are considered in a category of teachers, rather than just
all graduate students. Also one of our subject specialty libraries loans laptops currently but primarily to their
department only so I didn’t mark that option.”
“Working on a collaboration with our Teaching and Learning Center on incorporating technology into the
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