SPEC Kit 308: Graduate Student and Faculty Spaces and Services · 29
and in one location in The D.B. Weldon Library. Proposed that there will be library services delivery in newly
planned campus community spaces.”
“Faculty individual studies have been improved with wireless and new furniture.”
“Humanities and social sciences Science: Astronomy, chemistry, biology/psychology, physics Fine Arts: art
history, architecture, drama Music Education.”
“Reading rooms and reference desks access and circulation services desks study commons information
“The Library core (heritage part) is pre-existing but renovated. The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre is built
around the heritage core and adds to new wings, one of which is the Library, one of which houses the wide
range of learning spaces, classrooms, social spaces, etc.”
“The University of Delaware Library provides Faculty Research Studies for individual faculty research use,
approved by application to a Faculty Committee. The Library also provides graduate research carrels with
locked storage area for research materials that are each shared by two graduate students. The Library also
provides a Retired Faculty research room that provides a location for a small group of faculty to do research,
use a computer, printer, and fax machine.”
“We have only a modest beginning with one large group study room in one library designated for graduate
student use.”
“We provide some services to departments by holding office hours within certain departments.”
Additional Comments
“Offer new spaces, not new services.”
“Research commons is in the planning stages. Right now we have the Learning Commons which provides
consultation services for faculty/graduate students and spaces. Additional rooms have been set up elsewhere
in the building to provide different types of dedicated spaces for these groups.”
“The faculty service here is the ‘Faculty Delivery service’ that delivers books to the faculty member’s office
and/or articles delivered via e-mail. This campus-wide service is coordinated and staffed out of the Interlibrary
Loan office.”
“The Research Commons will consist of 9 floors in the Wells Library. Space will be remodeled over time and
will include new service points and new partners.”
“We are still providing services for faculty and grad students as a component of our overall service delivery.”
“We do not staff the faculty and graduate student reading rooms. Other services are provided to faculty and
grad students at pre-existing service points.”
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