SPEC Kit 308: Graduate Student and Faculty Spaces and Services · 27
5. Please indicate whether any of the factors below influenced the library’s thinking about the
space(s) or services to offer. Check all that apply. N=36
Faculty Both
N 10 5 25
Site visits 19 6 1 12
Literature searches 19 4 1 14
Expert opinion 19 3 1 15
Presentations attended at conferences 18 2 1 15
Funded research 7 1 2 4
Other 8 2 2 4
Please specify other factor(s).
Graduate Students
“Library staff initiative, along with observed success at other libraries.”
“Libraries felt lockers would be a good service given that we did not have assignable carrels nor a room/space
that could be dedicated for/restricted to graduate students.”
“Information from EDUCAUSE Learning Space Design Constituent Group.”
“Visual checks by library staff on the use of these carrels (prior to renovation).”
“Onsite observation of users’ behavior Data on library use (gathered by our library).”
“Developments were made in the past 10 years to accommodate more electronic access and services.”
“LibQUAL+® survey comments that were received back in 2001.”
“Observed how use of the facility has changed over time as more resources are electronic and as we deliver
more information to the desk top. The campus is undergoing a master planning process and one theme
that has emerged is providing spaces that foster a sense of community, whether as a whole or with groups
such as faculty and graduate students. The library is considering what kinds of spaces and services will build
community between these two groups.”
“Available spaces. Funding. Mellon grant stipulations.”
“Specific plans/programs and strategies will be explored in May 2008 with the on-site visit of the ARL
Program Officers, who will consult with us on an Effective, Sustainable and Practical Library Assessment
program. This program will include services to graduate students and faculty.”
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