SPEC Kit 308: Graduate Student and Faculty Spaces and Services · 25
Other individual(s), group(s),
or entity contacted.
Other information
gathering method and the
corresponding individuals,
group, or entity.
VP Academic individual
conversations/complaints by graduate
students informal conversations from
faculty comments on LibQUAL+®
Meetings/correspondence with
administrative faculty
We have met with the Provost, the
College of Arts and Sciences Policy
Committee, the Dean and Executive
Associate Dean of the College, the
Bloomington Faculty Council Library
Committee, the Dean and Associate
Dean of the Graduate School, the
Associate Vice Provost for Research
and the Associate Provosts for
Research. So far, only graduate
students have been included in focus
Focus groups: medical and pharmacy
students primarily.
Input from faculty development office
staff included feedback gathered
from a Faculty Development Advisory
This project was planned jointly
with staff from most of the units
eventually housed in the Faculty
Commons. Each participating
unit had been actively gathering
information from faculty for some
time before we developed the idea
of locating these services together in
the library.
LibQUAL+® survey, 2007. Graduate
students and faculty user groups. We
identified needs (in general) and in
specific disciplines/library branches
and follow up is still required to
convert the needs into the operational
plans and programs.
The Library did not contact others,
campus IT did.
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