68 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
24. Is there a formal marketing plan for reaching graduate students and/or faculty? N=41
Yes 8 20%
No 33 80%
“But at this point mostly for faculty and for grad students who are working as TAs.”
“Faculty and graduate students are reached by visits to academic departments, new faculty orientation, new
graduate student orientation, and library publications geared to all users.”
“The library’s marketing plan includes graduate students as a market segment.”
“We are developing an orientation publication for new graduate students and we have a campus-wide
graduate student orientation event in the library. The event is part of the formal orientation program for
graduate students co-sponsored by the Graduate School and the Graduate and Professional Students
“We produce online newsletters for faculty that go out twice a year.”
“Marketing to graduate students and faculty is included in an overall marketing strategy for the Libraries.
However, specific resources and services for faculty and graduate students are promoted through the Western
Libraries Web site, through subject librarians who have built relationships with faculty and graduate student
groups, and through individual marketing campaigns in each of the libraries. The new Web site design
expected to be ready for fall 2008 has incorporated information gathered from faculty and graduate students
for a site that better meets their needs, including the promotion of resources and services.”
“There are very limited faculty study spaces and graduate student carrels therefore we purposefully depend
only on word of mouth and do not market their availability. There is always a waiting list for these spaces.”
“We are currently developing a marketing plan for the library system and marketing services/spaces to
graduate students. Faculty will be included in that plan.”
“We will work with the Marketing Librarian on this initiative, but a plan has not yet been created.”
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