SPEC Kit 308: Graduate Student and Faculty Spaces and Services · 61
Other Partner 1 N=10
No formal contracts or MOUs 9 90%
Some arrangements are documented through contracts or MOUs
All arrangements are documented with contracts or MOUs 1 10%
Name and Role: Provides Services from: MOU? Comments:
Study Partners tutoring service
Honors College
Encyclopedia of Alabama Digital
Project, Graduate student council,
campus food services
Dedicated space in Library
Offices in Library
First two have office space food
service runs a coffee shop and
coffee kiosk.
Intercollegiate Athletics
Campus collaborations for developing
common online systems and
instructional technology
Central office
Committees that include
membership from library
Provost See comments All VIVO—virtual academic
Art Department Student art exhibit space created
in the Library
Informatics Program Virtual program No
Academic Advising and international
programs assistance with majors,
course selection, degree completion
requirement, internships
Learning Resource Center: academic
tutoring and supplemental instruction
Career Services: resume writing,
career selection, internships
Our Learning Commons and their
Our building
Our building and another
Office of Campus-Community
Offices within Faculty Commons No This Campus-Community
Engagement staff serve as
consultants who help faculty
and administrators develop
partnerships with local and
regional agencies.
Workshops in the Fall on using library
services and facilities for international
graduate students.
Library training room No Director of Library Graduate
and Research Services invites
international graduate students
to attend the workshops at the
university international student
orientation sessions.
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